Polish Tatra Sheepdog - Owczarek Podhalanski


I am currently working on data base of breeders all over the world. For now I am gathering the information. If you are a breeder please contact me!

This website is a tribute to one of the endemic Polish breeds which is the Owczarek Podhalanski,Polish Tatra Sheepdog - Owczarek Pohalanski also known as: Polish Tatra Sheepdog, Polish Mountain Sheepdog, Tatra Shepherd Dog and Tatra Mountain Sheepdog.

I am not a breeder, I am a proud owner of a Polish Tatra Sheepdog. I also had one dog of this breed in Poland right before I immigrated to Ontario, Canada. The Owczarek Podhalanski has a very specific personality and a striking appearance. This web site is dedicated to all the Tatra dogs all over the world as well as to my other animal companions both alive and already in animal heaven.

For now it is strictly an educational and informational web site about Polish breed of Owczarek Podhalanski. If you have a question regarding Tatra dog, you can contact me and I will try to provide you with the answer. I know of some breeders in Europe and some in US. I am trying to locate Tatra breeders in Canada and US!!! - I get many questions regarding this matter.

Kennel Aroniowa Dolina in Poland has puppies for sale. They will be ready for adoption in May. 

I know some good breeders in U.K. Poland, France and Holland.

If you think you have some info which would benefit this web site, please contact me.

Polish Tatra Sheepdog Maya and her cousin Miko :)

My name is Magda Luchter I am the owner of: www.polishtatrasheepdog.ca I live in a beautiful Village of Dundas, part of the City of Hamilton. I work as an SEO at Albo Digital.
According to the Zwiazek Kynologiczny these 5 breeds of dogs come from Poland:
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